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  Himax Display, Inc. designs, develops and manufactures Liquid Crystal On Silicon (LCOS) microdisplay  
  and controller IC for various LCOS pico-projector products. Visit our website to know more about Himax Display.  


Himax  Display,  Inc. is a dedicated Liquid -

Crystal -On-Silicon (LCOS) solution provider

.As a subsidiary of Himax Technologies, Inc.

(NASDAQ:HIMX) , a leading semiconductor

solution provider for flat panel displays , we

not only provide a complete LCOS......


  Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn

     Edition)  2010..

    Color Filter LCOS  
        OPTO Taiwan 2010 – 13th The

     Outstanding  Photonics Product Award..

    Color Sequential LCOS  


      OPTO Taiwan 2010 - 19th International

     Optoelectronics Exposition.....

    Controller IC  








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