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 Color-sequential LCOS

HX7308 x HX7318 x HX7315 x HX7309


*     HX7318

1366x768 0.37" Color Sequential LCOS Module    


General Description

HX7318 is an active matrix liquid crystal display with resolutions of 1366 x 768. Horizontal digital data drivers and vertical scan drivers are integrated with pixel device to meet the performance demands of high-speed and high-resolution display applications. HX7318 supports 2-ports mini DSI input interfaces that received 16-bit x 2 pixels per CLK+, and 16-bit x 2 pixels per CLK- from external, and generates corresponding voltage output of 256-level gray scale. HX7318 embedded timing controller that generates internal controlling signals and display high-brightness and high-contrast ratio image quality by color sequential process.
HX7318 is ideal for high-resolution application.



@ * Native Resolution: 1366x768
@ * Support display mode: 1366 x 768 in color sequence
@ * Support color sequence: RGBRGB,RRGGBB,RRGGBBGG



@ * 60-pin PCB




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