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*     HX7815

QVGA LCOS Display Controller with Internal GRAM


General Description

The HX7815-A can be operated in low-voltage condition for the interface and integrated internal boosters that produce the liquid crystal voltage, breeder resistance and the voltage follower circuit for liquid crystal driver. In addition, The HX7815-A also supports various functions to reduce the power consumption of a LCOS module system via software control.
The HX7815-A supports several interface modes, including MPU MIPI DBI Type B interface mode, MIPI DPI/DBI Type C interface mode, and ITU601/656 interface mode



@ * Support QVGA LCOS module
@ * Support MPU MIPI DBI Type B, MIPI DPI/DBI Type C, 24-bit RGB, and ITU601/656 input interface
@ * Support CABC and DGC image enhanced function
@ * Output power for LCOS module
@ * 100-pin TFBGA package or 128-pin LQFP package


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